How to actually create change with business

This piece is based on Week 1 of Social impact Strategy: Tools for Entrepreneurs and Innovators by Upenn on Coursera. Check out this course here

Bill gate calls it creative capitalism

Muhammed Yunus calls it social business

Jeff Skoll calls it practical dreaming

Recently I started reading a lot of stories. Fantastical quests, mysterious murders, and adventures far away, each new world became more entertaining than the next. However, each story also had its flaws cliches, tropes, and plot imperfections naturally I began to think what if an AI could write stories?


failing my way to 92% accuracy

For the past two weeks, I’ve been working on something special. A Convolutional Neural Network that’s able to distinguish between two human faces. From collecting data to building the model, here’s how I built the model.

Building the first model

Coming into this project I had 0 experience…

Tearing down the mystique of quantum, and some thoughts on its future.

The start of the twenty-first century is an exciting time to be alive. A look at the start of the twentieth century juxtaposed to the end of shows how far humanity has come. The 1900s started without tea…

Nanosensors are an umbrella term for any device that is capable of conveying information about a particle at the nanoscale(one-billionth of a meter). Nanosensors measure physical aspects and converts them to signals that can be recorded and analyzed.

But first off how big — or in the case small is…

When you read or hear about the term neurology, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For most it would likely be something that is extremely complex, something you need a degree to understand, something on par with Quantum Computing in complexity. But the thing is Neurology…

Edward Wang

Artificial Intelligence, Deep learning enthusiast.

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